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bloodybeauty's Journal

cuts and bruises and black eyes oh my!
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This community was originally created by pussinboots, but is now maintained by my_toe_itches. I loved the original idea of this community and therefore am keeping it pretty much the same.

He put it best:
We admire the aesthetic qualities of bruises, bleeding, contusions, lacerations, scratches, cuts, scrapes, and other wounds. However you got it, whether you are an extreme skateboarder, an enthusiastic BDSM practitioner, or simply just decided to hit yourself in the face with a book one day, you are free to share it here with both images and/or words. Artists who depict wounds in their work are welcome to share those as well. This is simply for people who find a strange, exotic beauty in wounds.

And now, the rules. Please read them carefully and pay attention.
Violators will get their post deleted and a warning, and on the second offense, be BANNEDZ0RZ. This is until I get sick of too many people breaking the rules and just start banning all over the place, so DO NOT BREAK THE DAMN RULES.

1. PLEASE DO NOT POST PICTURES OF SELF-MUTILATION AS A PRODUCT OF EMOTIONAL DYSFUNCTION. That means, NO posts with a picture of a slit wrist and the words "I hurt myself today to see if I still feel" at the end. If you think that maybe what you want to post is anything remotely like that, DO NOT POST IT. This is STILL not a community for mopeyangstywhineygoths. It is also not a "support group." If you wish I can direct you to 289742893 other communities that ARE.

2. Photos and drawings are welcome, but always put them behind an LJ Cut with a short description of the picture. This is so that someone particularly disturbed by a bloody nose, for instance, will know not to look at a picture of someone with blood squirting from their nostrils. The nature of the wound may be self-inflicted, but please do not break rule #1.

3. Nudity is all right, but ONLY if you're 18+. Nothing pornographic.

4. Do not post anything off-topic. Do not post quizzes, surveys, pictures having nothing to do with wounds, or advertisements, especially for your community. Yes, that's right. No community advertising.

5. Do NOT, under any circumstances, post pictures you found from gore sites. No vehicular accidents, executions, crime scene photos, or other pictures of mortally wounded and dead people.

6. No flame wars, insults, drama, any of that crap. If I see any of it, I MIGHT give you a warning, but likely, I'll just kick you out. So don't do it.

Thank you, and do enjoy the community!